How much should I order?

Auntie’s cooks for hungry people, so you can expect to be full from a serving of one of our meals. We offer several portion options, so it’s easy to find the meal size that works perfectly for you! Most of our meals come in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE. The SMALL size is a single-serve meal that should fill up most hungry adult humans, while a MEDIUM size meal should fill two - three hungry adults. LARGE meals are meant to feed a family of four - six (two adults and two teens - or two adults and two kids with leftovers). PIES come in 5" and 9", and SOUPS & STEWS come in a single-serve brick (325ml) or a 1L container.

Where is the food made?

We only prepare your frozen meals in approved commercial kitchen facilities maintained to the highest standards. Each of these kitchens has been permitted and is inspected regularly by Yukon Health. Our cooks are Food Safe certified and/or versed in safe food handling best practices.

What about the packaging?

At Auntie's we believe in delivering the freshest flavours while being respectful of the environment. For those reasons, we try to use a minimum amount of packaging. Most of our meals are vacuum sealed, eliminating the need for additional waste, and all of our packaging is completely recyclable. Our soups come in reusable, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic containers.

What about allergies and dietary restrictions?

We work hard to cater to your needs. Anytime we cook with a common allergen, we will make sure to let you know! A full list of ingredients and allergens are listed in the description, and clearly marked on your frozen meal packaging. The same goes for dietary restrictions. We will mark our meals that are vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free. Utmost care is taken in ensuring that there is no cross-contamination between our meals. We try to offer something for every dietary requirement, but if you don't see anything you can eat, just email us. We may not always have time, but if we do, we can get to work crafting a meal that fits your needs.

How do I prepare the food?

All of our meals come with preparation instructions and recommendations. We do our best to provide accurate cooking times, but as appliances vary and there are a million factors that can affect heating of frozen meals, we always advise that you use a thermometer to ensure your frozen meal is heated to an internal temperature of 165°F - nice and hot and bubbling!